PART 1: NIOMI's Journey to Launch

PART 1: NIOMI's Journey to Launch

NIOMI is currently developing our own everyday use shampoo and treatment conditioner that is organic, vegan and cruelty free locally in South Africa

We at NIOMI thought how amazing would it be to bring YOU on this journey with us to see how we grow from nothing to a company in the next few months, allowing you to try a product that no one else in the world has tried, exclusively.

One day you as a customer can look back and say I was one of NIOMI's first customers and witnessed their journey first hand. INCREDIBLE!

Where does NIOMI stand right now?
We are currently in Pre-Launch here to create brand awareness for our future customers and educate individuals on the harsh effects chemicals have on your hair. We do not believe in using harsh chemicals and will, as a result of this decree that only natural and organic ingredients will be used in our products.

But I cannot buy from NIOMI right now?
We may not have our product in hand but are confident in our team that we will deliver:
  • quality
  • affordable
  • locally made
  • luxurious
  • organic
  • vegan
  • cruelty-free product at the end of our journey.

How can you support NIOMI?
We have set up a sign-up form on our website, for you to enter your email address to allow us to notify you when we are open for business.

For now, we will see you on social media and keep you updated.

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